What Is Aikido 

Aikido is a Japanese budo (martial art) was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, O-sensei (1883-1969) in the idle of the 20th century after he had studied many different martial arts, and is based on eastern philosophy.

Aikido is effective as self-defense but it is much  more  that just that. It is also a way to practice  body  and mind for well-being and harmony.

There is no competition in aikido  and everyone  practices based on their  own ability. Aikido is suitable for all ages, male and female.

The techniques may differ from other martial arts in the way that    aikido does not encounter force with force. Instead aikido uses the attackers movement ant leads it in another direction. The techniques are based on  circular  movements and look very soft and gentle. When you have tried aikido you  realize  that  although is looks soft and easy,  the techniques are very   powerful.

It takes a long time to get good in  aikido  and  this is  very   stimulating because you can practice and develop throughout your life. It actually gets more rewarding the longer you  practice. A big  advantage in aikido is that you can practice regardless of age.  Most  of the highest ranked masters in Japan are over 60 years old.

Aikido improves the mental and physical capacity. 

There is about more than  3000  people practices  aikido  in  Indonesia and  there are more than a  million  practitioners in the world.

The word “aikido” is built by three kanji (Japanese writing)


Ai  can be translated to love, harmony or unifying and pictures a mouth under a roof - everyone  speaks  with the same voice.


Ki pictures rice under steam- the boiling rice, this symbolizes life important energy.
Ki is the universal energy, the life force.


Do means way in  the meaning of  ”life task”, a  journey  that shall  lead   to  insight   and  clarity.  Pictures a  head and a held back step.


One translation  can be  ” the way of the unifying spirit”  another  can  be ”the way of harmony”

Why practice aikido?

There are many different reasons why people practice aikido. Some practice to learn effective self-defense, others to get more agile and others are interested in  the mental  training. Many also thinks it is interesting with the Japanese culture. Other   benefits  are  the  communion  that  occurs   when practicing together in a group. There is no competition and everybody help each other to develop.

The most important is perhaps that aikido is fun!


Aikido is effective self-defense.  In  the   practice  we  use  many techniques as  tools  to  learn  different  principles and body movement  that   finally becomes reflexive. The  philosophy in aikido  teaches  a  good   approach   when it comes  to  avoid or deal with conflicts.

Physical exercise

Our  body  is  made  for  movement and we all need to work  out  to  stay healthy.  We   know  that  exercise is good for our health, so  why not  have fun  doing it at the same  time as  you get more benefits.

Aikido  practice  is  allround  and  improves  balance,  body  coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance and posture.  Today  there is a lot of  talk  about training  that  improves core stability to prevent back pain. In  aikido  you  improve  your  core stability and many with back pain experience that they get better after a while with aikido practice.

Mental practice

In  japanse  budo  the body  and mind are considered unified and practicing the mind is as important as the body.

This is true in Aikido  as  well and training improves ability to focus and many experiences increased calmness and mental stability. Increased self esteem is another important aspect of the training.

O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, O-sensei was born 14 December 1883. To maintain his health he began studying many martial arts. The intense training made him superior in combat. He felt that there was no meaning to win fights then he actually wanted to get away from the fighting itself.

In spring 1925, when O-sensei was 41 years old came a turning point in his practicing of martial arts when he fought with a marine officer and only managed by moving out of the way of the attack.

It wasn’t until 1942 that his martial art officially was called aikido.

O-sensei developed aikido to a martial arts which purpose is to avoid violence and his goal was to contribute to a more peaceful world.

In 15th of January 1969 O-sensei held his last performance. 26th of April the same year he passed away, 85 years old.

Shoji Nishio Sensei

Shoji Nishio Sensei was born in 1927 in Amori, Japan. In 1950, he began practicing Karate Shizen RYU. In 1952, Nishio Sensei is one of the students of O Sensei's genius (Morihei Ueshiba) and has a great service in the development of forms of Aikido techniques are combined with the sword and stick techniques that also gave birth to a new style of Iaido that underlie a variety of Aikido techniques.
In 1976, he was ranked 8 DAN of Aikido Honbu Dojo. And in addition to reaching 8 DAN Aikido, Nishio Sensei also holds 8 DAN Iadio , 7 DAN of Karate, and 6 DAN of Judo. Therefore, he became one of the flexible martial arts expert has ever seen. Nishio Sensei is the founder and president of Toho IAI Foundation.

Nishio sensei passed away 15th of mars 2005.
He was one of the worlds most respected aikido teachers.

"IN THE FIRST MOMENT OF CONTACT HAS ALREADY WON AIKIDO. THIS IS BY THE IRIMI Reasoned MOVEMENT. A characteristic does not exist IN THIS THAT IN ANY OTHER FORM Martial Art." (quoted from Nishio Sensei in Aikido Seminar in Munich, Germany, 1995.)

Nishio Sensei was wrote a very good book "Yurusu Budo".

Ichiro Shishiya Sensei

Ichiro Shishiya sensei was born in 1947. He was a student to Nishio sensei from when he was 15 years old to his teachers passing. He was very often Nishio sensei´s uke and assistent in Nishio sensei´s book, and his instruction movies. 

Shishiya sensei lives in Toyko with his wife Hiroko-san who also practices aikido.

He nowadays travels the world teaching aikido in many different countries. He started to teached in Indonesia since July 7th, 2011 in his first seminar in Jakarta, and set up to give yearly seminar in Indonesia.

Ichiro Shishiya sensei is very appreciated due to his educational skill. His easy going way gets people in a good mood and he is very generous and open minded both on and off the tatami. He express the philosophy of aikido through his techniques in a very good way. Shishiya sensei put emphasis on balance breaking and circular movements and thinks that the techniques must not be painful. He often goes around during training and practices with his students and you never cease to be amazed by how soft, yet powerful his aikido is.

Shishiya sensei lives as he teaches and is a true aikidoka.

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